What our valued customers have to say about Pretty Well Covered breastfeeding coverlets:

  • I cannot tell you how much your coverlet has exceeded my expectations of awesome. I can latch her on seeing through the coverlet so it is not awkward or exposing in public and it looks absolutely beautiful and discreet. Like clothing rather than an obvious look-at-me breastfeeding cover. I have really appreciated its quality and workmanship. Thank you!! It is beautiful. What a great idea - so compact and easy to carry too. All the best with it. I can see I will be buying more for friends as new baby gifts! - Lisa
  • Breast feeding in a public place still freaks me out a little, but ever since I started using this coverlet from Pretty Well Covered, I feel more confident about it all! When I asked my husband to take these pictures he was like "Oh is it for that thing you're wearing? I like it. It's really pretty." And that is exactly how I feel wearing it - pretty. Nursing seems somewhat animalistic to me, so the fact that I can wear a coverlet that looks more like something from my closet and less like my grandma's apron really glams up the whole thing for me.
    - Sarah
  • Your coverlet arrived for the baby shower gift! And my goodness, it's beautiful. She loved it! It was the most unique gift of the morning and everyone wrote down your business card information! - Emily, USA
  • I love my coverlet, THANK YOU!!! Wish I'd had it for child number 1 as well! - Lisa
  • It truly is nearly perfect for my large breasts (did I tell you I went from a C cup to a G!!!). I've tried it at home so far, it is SOOOOOO much better than the other cover I bought. The good thing about it is that it's sheer but still offers privacy. People would have to stare to really see anything. Again, I cannot stress enough how hard it is with large breasts to feed a baby with any dignity! Thanks so much! - Kirrily
  • Just wanted to give a review of the coverlets. I just ordered my second and third, all were gifts. They made it to Canada in a weeks time. Bec was very prompt in getting them mailed, and super helpful in helping me pick styles they would like. Both moms loved them. The only thing that's disappointing is that these were not around when I needed it. Thanks Bec. - Joan, Canada
  • Just want to thank you for my breastfeeding coverlet. I bought it nearly 3 years ago from the baby show at Rosehill and used it for my 3 year old and am currently using it for my 3 month old and still loving it! I constantly get asked about it and people just think it is great - which it is. One of my most valued baby items! - Emma
  • Thank you, so quick and exactly as described, in fact even better, it's beautiful! Thanks again. - eBay purchaser
  • I always felt nervous about feeding bub in public. Then a friend of mine recommended the coverlet. It's been fantastic, I can feed anywhere now :) - Melinda
  • I had a lovely floral/brown one of these when I was breastfeeding my daughter. It came in soooo handy when out and about feeding. Then it just fitted into my handbag ready to be pulled out at the next feed! - Louise
  • These are great! Lightweight (especially good in this hot weather) and simple to slip on and off without drawing attention to myself. I also like the fact that I could leave it scrunched up in my bag and it never came out creased :) - Louisa
  • I used mine as a wrap all the time. I draped it over the pram, or used it to wrap him while he slept. Why take a separate wrap? So much more convenient. - Sara

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